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Handmade hair ornaments. :love:

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These pieces are exceptional in skill, composition, or both. Often both. :D enjoy looking at these wonderful artists' work!



White and Blue Peacocks. Tsumami Kanzashi. by hanatsukuri
White and Blue Peacocks. Tsumami Kanzashi.
^^! The long necks are inspired by phoenix, and swans. And they're intended to make a semi-heart when placed next to each other. :giggle: it is sweet.

I've also done other peacocks, and you can see the birds closer here:  Blue Roosting Peacock Tsumami Kanzashi. | White Peacock Tsumami Kanzashi.
Other kanzashi birds: Phoenix by me: Phoenix kanzashi | Swan by me: White Swan. Tsumami kanzashi bird.

Made of silk. The sculpted heads are light-weight so they won't be too heavy for your hair (or your decoration). I hand-dyed the silk for the blue one. I also used some sparkle-organza for effect (in 2 or 3 places for effect...can you see?) . Except for the white, of course. The white is natural silk. ♥

I eventually will post these to my etsy. :heart: I enjoyed making them very much.
Blue Roosting Peacock Tsumami Kanzashi. by hanatsukuri
Blue Roosting Peacock Tsumami Kanzashi.
It's been a while since I've done a peacock! :) I last did one "in flight" , but in solid dyed silks. I also did one with his lovely tail for show: Peacock Tsumami Zaiku. The flying one uses a simplified color palette, and the spread one is more saturated...I decided to use hand-dying this time. You can see the water-color effect (it's not really watercolor. it's dye.) and the spread of color in a single petal-- I think it works really well for a peacock. 

Also, :iconcelyddon: asked me last winter, "Does it lack eyes for the same reason birds traditionally lack eyes in kanzashi?", which lead to an interesting conversation here: White Swan. Tsumami kanzashi bird. So this is the only bird (I've made) in a while that's actually had the eyes painted in...^^ sort of for artistic effect. What do you think? :floating:

...will be for sale on etsy. Perhaps tomorrow. ^^

The white Peacock:   White Peacock Tsumami Kanzashi.
Blue and white together: White and Blue Peacocks. Tsumami Kanzashi.
White Peacock Tsumami Kanzashi. by hanatsukuri
White Peacock Tsumami Kanzashi.
With their swanlike heads, my tsumami zaiku peacocks are an imaginative and playful take on a familiar motif. This white one would work very nicely for a wedding, or for people who want a white peacock decorationf or their hair or table. (I imagine he would preen from above...)

I really enjoy making tsumami zaiku sculptures. :heart: I had a lot of custom orders this summer, so working on my creative pieces was...well, they kept getting pushed back. :giggle: anyway, here he is!


Blue and white together: White and Blue Peacocks. Tsumami Kanzashi.
The blue peacock: Blue Roosting Peacock Tsumami Kanzashi.
Gold And Silver Kanzashi: Good Morning Sun, Moon. by hanatsukuri
Gold And Silver Kanzashi: Good Morning Sun, Moon.
Good morning sun~ :) Good morning, moon.
(I feel like a kids' book author. *pleased*)

I like making this design; it's simple, but still has a lovely flare to it. :sun: revision I found this lovely gold silk to go with the silver version of this design I'd already done.

Etsy Social Smiley Here's another view on etsy: Good Morning Sun Tiny Etsy Icon

So, how about you? Are you a gold or a silver kind of person?


Mei: Textile Artist
United Kingdom
Current Residence: Saitama, Japan
Favourite genre of music: Rock, alternative

I've moved! :)

Journal Entry: Fri Oct 3, 2014, 1:01 PM

So I've safely relocated! I got lost I-don't-know-how-many times, but I found an art store, 2 cake shops, the groceries, and a lot of interesting museums. So far, I'm liking the UK quite a lot. :floating:

I'm going to be catching up with uploading my recent kanzashi over the next several weeks~ I don't want to flood your inboxes, so we'll take it slow. But some interesting photos coming up:
* Interesting flowers: Juniper, Pine-cones, Lilac, holly
* Other pretty flowers & designs to be seen.... ^_^ Like plum, sakura, and leaves
 * More Creatures: Two peacocks, another crane, a gray phoenix (inspired by a previous custom order for my friend :iconkiri-n: , a new shot of my bunnies

So it should be fun. I'll edit them slowly! ♥

Since I'm now located in the UK, custom orders and requests for kanzashi are now on hold for the foreseeable future; at least for the next year while I get used to the idea of being in school. :heart: I may make a limited number of original designs on my own, but that is for stress-relief and entirely up to my schedule. But I will have some ready-made kanzashi up at my shop: when it finishes relocating! ♥ (But first, it's going to Cons and Art Fairs) Need I say it? Yes, I think so. Thank you Quyen, you are amazing. :iconinuyatta:  ^_^!! Say hi to her if you see her-- and then tell me; we'd both be thrilled.

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hanatsukuri Featured By Owner Aug 13, 2014
No, I don't have any, but there are quite a few tutorials here on dA and some off site. :) A quick google search should turn some up. And yes, paper would work! Especially for practice. :nod: But the folds will look a little different! :D
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