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June 17, 2011
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Blue Love. Hand Dyed Lotus. by hanatsukuri Blue Love. Hand Dyed Lotus. by hanatsukuri
'tis the season of lotuses. ♥ They are beautiful flowers, and quite wonderful...the cooling shade of blue is perfect for the heat of summer.

I used tsumami kanzashi techniques to create this flower, and hand dyed each petal by hand. :heart: it's perfect for summer events...I think the gradation effect is really worth the effort.

You can see more pictures of this delicate piece (it has trailing lotuses~) here on my etsy: [link]

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Yosh! These colors are amazing :wow:
really cool ^_^ :heart:
the dyeing is superb~
The dyeing was SO fun. :D :D

I quite enjoy figuring out which colors look nice together-- it's good to get so many responses.
I always wonder how you do your dyeing. It always looks so incredibly nice =D
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Hidden by Owner
:love: if you have want for hair flowers, look no farther. :nod: I love to create.

That is such a nice response to my original art~~

anyways, in case you wanted to know, you can find many of my flowers for sale on etsy [link] and artfire: [link]

or, if you wanted, you can commission me. ♥ I'm accepting unlimited numbers of commissions for the next 3 weeks-- then I'll only take 2 a month. ^_^V (I'm moving to Japan, and will likely be busy there...) Until then, I am trying my darndest to make enough money to actually buy groceries when I get there. ^_^;
Lovely, lovely, lovely!
The deeo, dark purple/accent tips are such a nice detail on this sky blue and petal pink flower design! All the colors are very vivid and eye-catching - it's so wonderful!

If lotuses could exist in the sky, this is what they would look like, resting and blooming on soft tufts of clouds and drifting where ever the wind blows them!

GRreat job, as usual! :heart:
:D I love purple, and lotuses are a really nice summer flower. :nod: I'm glad the bold/saturated colors are to your tastes-- I prefer them myself. :love:

wind-blown sky lotus = :heart:

Thank you for your comment~ ^_______^
LePetitAzul Jun 17, 2011
Gorgeous as always! I love how you used the sheet music as a background. And the pearls. . . .all of it is so lovely!
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